Thursday, September 17, 2009

Archery, Old Time Stories and Present

Since my last post, I have a lot of things I want to share actually..
it's all happened soo fast that I don't even get to register it yet to my head..
though right now and the day forward I won't be as normal as it I'm now,
so I guess this is the right time to share some of my great experience..


This by far was something that I wouldn't even dream about in my whole life..
involving myself in this sport has become one of the thing I currently enthusiast about after I finished my swimming lesson..
It's one of my aim and goal actually to try each of the sports suggested by our Prophet Muhammad:
-horse riding
-sword fighting
and so far I have experience swimming and archery..
and I'm glad to announce some good news, that I am now officially joining UiTM Pahang Archery club and Insya Allah if I am progressing and training well, I'll be able to join tournament ahead..
that is what En.Mi promised me.
They all were really nice to me, though I'm among the 'short' ones in the team..
I am really grateful if I could received moral supports from everyone especially my loved ones, in my journey with this club..
I really really do need support from each of you guys..!!
and let us pray for my health and fitness throughout my involvements..!!
to those who would like to check up on our club blog..
here's the link:
UiTM Archer Blog


I received an email in my myspace account one day..
to my surprise, someone from the 'past' has finally found me..
in his search of me for 6 years, he ended up find my friendster account and from there he tried to contact me through my myspace and the rest is history.
It's a bit funny and interesting at the same time to find there were someone looking for you when you don't even remember them at all.
Talking with him about the past made me realized how serious I am even in standard 6..
he told me that I was such a fierce little girl that time and that makes him afraid to come near me..
well, I'm changing now..I guess..??
Everybody's changing right?
but then again..Thank you soo much for searching for me..
you add up another love in my life..!!

3rd: Present

While writing (guess it's typing) this, I'm having my short break after my final exam..
and will be back to Jengka on tuesday..
I have to go for archery training during this break..
a different way to spend my semester break this time and preparing for tournament..
glad to have something worth doing when I don't plan anything for this break..
I'll be here in Shah Alam for 5 days for Eid-Adha and a little later on December before the start of new semester..
might not post anything for a moment..
I'll try to whenever I have the time..


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Stand By You...

I Love this song...
Deep meaning..

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