Monday, March 16, 2009


Kampus Cawangan Uitm1, Bukit Sekilau, Kuantan
14-15 March 2009
8.30-5.30 petang...

well, this looks like a late promotion but just to share something for this past 2 days I've been working as the urusetia of expo UiTM untuk negeri Pahang.
the main objective of the expo is to give information and guide every spm-leavers to enter the university especially UiTM.
the expo being held throughout the country and the main expo was held at Stadium Malawati where UiTM Malaysia conducted it.
As for us in Pahang, the main campus Jengka had been asked to handle the expo in Kuantan.

3 days and 2 night we've been working to make sure the expo running smoothly.
Arrived at kampus Bukit Sekilau, Kuantan around 6 in the evening.
Unloading the brochure, pamphlate, bags and many more from the bus.
Later, En. Fuazi and his crew came dengan Pesona[betul ke eja nie??] and memerli kami yang datang lambat..
All of us wandered where we should stay for the next 2 days..
coz, kat sana yg kelihatan cuma bangunan2 tinggi yg nampak seperti kelas je..
then En. Fuazi handed us kunci ke rumah senario..

[Rumah Senario]
hahahahahahaha..the real name for that appartment was Rumah Tamu UiTM.
but then En.Lan yg tukar jadi rumah senario.
main reason sbb dari luar rumah tamu tu sebiji macam rumah flat/bilik untuk siswa/siswi tinggal..ktorg pun dgn malasnye naik ke tingkat 4 [nie semua keje en.fuazi yg nak ktorg duduk tingkat atas]
masuk2 je WAH!!!! totally unexpected! fully furnished apartment with television,fridge, complete kitchen, and every part of the apartment consits of an air-conditioner.
nothing can describe our satisfaction!!
then ktorg kene tukar rumah one flight ke bawah..

[DAY 1st - 14 MARCH 2009]
The expo started at 8.30 in the morning.
weather was great and brilliant that day, many SPM-leavers came on the first day
At first I'm incharged in handling the Faculty of Business Mangement with elin, but then En. Lan asked me to handle the UPU on-line regestration in the computer lab..
well, its fun!! coz computer and internet makes my life complete...
hehehehe...and the first day went smooththough many come on that day..
its real fun when you could help others and know their problems..
especially when you know there still outside there that didn't know and didn't exposed to internet as much as I did..
I should be grateful for this...and now, I know better about UiTM, the courses offered, how to check this and that, your other options and many more!!

[DAY 2nd - 15 MARCH 2009]
Today I woke up a little bit late coz last nite we 're-constructed' the booth again..
well, experience on the 1st day do taught us how to be more systematic this time.
but weather was not good this time..
it's rainy in the morning...still rain in the afternoon...raining heavily in the evening...and keep raining when we headed back to Jengka..
not many were there this time..coz its rain..
still the eager one came to fulfill their dream..
working in a cillax way..and everything went smooth though the rain cut down the number in not more than 100 that day..
and we reach almost 300 people visiting our expo for 2 days..

and as for those who read my blog, I would love to share a few links you can visit to know more about what course you are qualified for and UiTM info..


To check course that suits your result in UITM

To know more about UITM

To register Pre-Diploma/Proffesional Cert. in UITM

To register/update regestration for UPU

To know more about UITM Pahang

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My First DSLR Camera [SIMBA]

terang lagi bersuluh ape yg tercatat dkt title di atas..
I've just got myself my very own DSLR camera this evening..
heee..sangat gumbira..
It's all happened soo fast..

papa actually had to keep his promise to buy me the DSLR camera if I got DEAN's LIST in my 1st semester..n now he has to fullfil it..yeay!!
tengah hari tadi, bersantai dgn family sambil tgk hindustan yg sangat tak best..
then dunno why, tibe2 rase sangat boring n ajak my luvely daddy bwk jalan2..
coz, bkn slalu balik shah alam..alang2 balik mesti nak enjoy jap.
then, mama suggest pergi ikea..kebetulan nak cari something kat sane..
so, semua bersiap-siap..
tak lame 2 semua dah dlm kereta..
then, papa tanye..
"Kite nak pergi mane ni? Tak nak pergi ikea la..tgh hari susah nak cari parking"

semua diam..takde idea nak ke mana..
pastu along suggest pergi cari my camera..
and later papa pun drive sampai ke PJ
papa took us to digital mall n I was like...
my head was suddenly full with everykind of gadgets...
uuuuuuuhhhhh~ sunggoh best!!

I even found the latest music player that I want from philips which have build-in wifi!!
n now I can shout out loud..!!
poor me..I'm still aiming for that later on..
back with camera..
pusing punya pusing..usha punya usha..naik turun digital mall..
at last jumpe la dis one booth yg jual mcm2 jenis DSLR cam..
n boraklah ngan uncle 2..

n there it lurvely Nikon D60...
I name it as [SIMBA] coz it suits well..
cute as me..ahahah!! [perasan jap]
great..well, let's wait for my artwork..
now, I have to focus on my is just aroud d'corner!!
let's have a sneak peak on my new 'baby bushuk'!!

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