Friday, April 23, 2010


Life is a maze, you have to choose the right path..
My life was and is pretty hectic this past few weeks. As for right now I'm in the midst of final exam where everything I've learnt for the whole semester will be poured out into that yellow booklet. Early this morning I've just finished the very first paper for my very first degree..hehehe~
I'm not really confident with what I've just wrote this morning..but tawakkal is all I can do..
fight for other subject after this!!

As I was typing this..there are few OPTIONS and DECISIONS I should make in the shortest time's mainly involve myself...of course or else I won't be making any decisions..

1st: House for next semester
ahahahah!! this I would consider as my stupidness also..
I hate doing last minute job but then I still doing it..we have less than a month from the day we'll be kicked out from Tun Mutahir "Home for the Newbie.." and later spread across this BIG city of Melaka...but yet we still dun have the house and my friend will review our last resort dis monday and hopefully it can be called home...~

2nd: SUKMA Negri9??!??
Whoooaaa!! this is big...when I was in Jengka last archery coach en.mie offer me an offer that is hard for me to sounds like this..

"Awak nak main SUKMA tak?saye serious nie...awak beli bow, lepas final dtg training sini...main tuk negri 9..."

gileeerrr!! mouth fell open with this offer...if possible nak je terima offer tue..but then, I have to BUY my bow first...and it's not that CHEAP!! and there, I have to let go the offer just like that...

3rd: 7 May
I've made my decision and the date is set...7 May will totally change me forever...
once I signed the paper last week, I am bound to oblige in all rules and regulations stated...the nervousness is still deep inside my heart and the fear of course keep coming to me...all I need is prayer from those who love me and knew me the way I those who already know what's gonna happen in this very memorable day I won't you are the chosen one among all


wish me luck for my exam yea!!

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