Saturday, December 25, 2010


Assalamualaikum and very good evening!

It's almost 2? 3? 4? months since I left this blog untouched. Hehehehe...very sorry indeed. Never meant to leave all of you guys. Been very busy this past few months, exam, job, running here and there, chasing the unknown(hehehe..AXN most famous quote), fighting, struggling, stressing, jumping, knocking, banging and soo many other things that I"ve done before. 

As for you guys that followed me and aware of my current situation, I'm sure each and everyone of you are aware of what I'm currently up to right?

So, as for the new post I would like to update few of important thing happen in my life right now. Let's go down the list one by one guys!!

The award of the most excited one goes to.....(still can't get the award thingy out of my head, anugerah skrin thingy!) 
hehehehe...Alhamdulillah, as for 16 October 2010 I've managed to start my own label for photography services called CHERMIN PHOTOGRAPHY alongside with my little brother. Thanks soo much to my dear little brother that keep pushing me to start our own brand and open my eyes on talent we have inside. As of today, we are expanding our business and currently have 4 crews in our team. Alhamdulillah, thanks soo much to Abang Faiz, who have faith in me and teach me the wonder of shutter, apperture and ISO. Thanks also to Amierul Zharief who constantly give comment and support me even I'm at the toughest part of my job. Thanks mama, papa, along, angah, abang and adik who were constantly motivated me and showing their never ending love towards us. BIG THANKS for you guys!

The most anticipated one throughout my life of course the moment I bought my own NIKON D90 myself!! Alhamdulillah again, after 2 years involving, exploring the beautiful world of photography, I'm certainly grateful especially to papa who trust me to go there by myself and purchase my new gear. As for this gear, I would certainly use it only for business purposes and SIMBA will remains my lovely cutie-pie that help me a lot! Love you SIMBA! 
Say hello everyone to Big-fat-Notty BOBBY!

(ouh, he's big! imagine lifting up a dumbbells. That what it's like lifting bobby)

suppose the results were out on 10 December 2010, but in the power of the speed of
typing power that I possessed since I'm in secondary school, I manage to check my result on the 9 December instead. Thanks to dear, MR. H for the wake up call that simply blow me out of my bed straight to my computer. Alhamdulillah for millionth of times, I've improve my CGPA and GPA for that particular semester nearly hit my target. But Alhamdulillah, thanks to ALLAH for this never ending gift!
with CGPA 3.*0, I'm officially part 4 marketing student in KBM!!

Guess, that's all for now. More exciting stories on the next post! stay tuned..~

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri~

~Salam Aidilfitri~
Maaf Zahir dan Batin

khas buat semua pengikut setia laman ini

Ampunkan diri ini andai ada kata yang menyinggung, perangai yang menyakitkan, keterlanjuran yang tidak disengajakan, gurau yang terlebih, keterlupaan yang tidak dapat dimaafkan, bahasa yang kurang enak didengar..

sesunnguhnya saya juga manusia biasa, yang tidak sempurna...
andai ada kesempatan, ingin sekali diri ini memohon maaf dan membetulkan apa yg tersilap...andai ada peluang kedua, terima kasih diucapkan..~

Terima kasih kepada pengunjung setia yang senantiasa menyokong saya di laman ini...semoga ukhuwah yang terjalin akan terus berkekalan...Insya Allah~


Monday, August 30, 2010

Merdeka? Puasa? Raya?

A mixed emotion totally!!
It's merdeka celebration tonight + in the middle of Ramadhan + raya is getting anywhere around the corner..

Totally mixed emotion right now!
I wanna go home, celebrate this last piece of Ramadhan with my family..
but I still have too many unfinished business need to be settle here..

miera and ila out with ayu and the others, celebrating merdeka sumwhere in Malacca..
while me and cyn silently sitting in our rooms waiting for the fireworks to appear from our bedroom window..while doing our assignments and me? listening to hari raya song..huhuhhu,it's a must! 
I am totally caught up in raya mood now!!

hey! it's still a kind of way to celebrate merdeka right?
I didn't forget it still..

soo Happy Merdeka Celebration Malaysia..!!
53rd and still going strong!!

Let's us forget any harm done to our country..
it is just another propaganda to ruin our peace and unity..
It's time for us to be one!!
and celebrate joy!!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

It Takes 5 Minutes to Ruin Your Day!!

Okay, well..
I guessed I won't post about this, since it totally ruins my Monday..
but then, I guess this is something to share with you guys..

Last Monday, I had a public speaking presentation 1, in which we've been assessed by our lecturer..I would say it as 'unlucky' as I am the 13th person to present on that day..
the nervousness really hit me this time..
I don't really know why my heart pumping soo is soo not normal for me..

I guess I was soo determined to finish my presentation and I was soo rushed just to meet the exact time given and manage to finish it in 5 Minutes with an additional of:

- Unnecessary stage fright
- Too much pausing
- Trembling and shivering
- Did not even look at my slide!!
and the list went down the history....~

Even some of my friend wonder what is going on with me..hahahah!!
I guess I'm just loosing my nerve..and it totally ruins my day~


Saturday, August 21, 2010

This is my DREAM!!

Okay, it happened few weeks ago..
I had attended this festival called 'KAGUM' or Karnival Gerak Usahawan Muda..
and there was a mascot, blue mascot of MAMEE MONSTERS..wore by my seniors..
 and all of sudden I get excited..hahaha!!

*okay, this is my senpai pict wearing those mascot thingy..he looks cute but when he wore the head la..hahaha!! credits to mr Faizal Samat!

I told my friends that someday I want to wear costumes for mascot like that and they were laughing like mad at me..
said that it won't happen as my size is small..hahaha!!
*I guess that make sense..~

It's all because of I wish someday I could be a mascot!! hehehehe~ 
sounds ridiculous, but that is what I dream to try someday..hehehehe!!
I still remember one of my fav korean drama "My Love patzzi" where the actress wear the mascots and work at a theme park..she look soo cute!!

I wonder if there any theme park in Malaysia need someone for their mascots??
but then there any mascot for theme park in Malaysia?? hahahahaha!!
well it just my dream...but if i ever get the chance to try it..I guess I won't hesitate..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Best Weekend Ever!!

Almost two week have passed and I just got the time to blog it in today.
Last last week was the most memorable week I wouldn't forget for my entire life.

31 July 2010 : 8.00pm-12.00am
Hotel Equatorial Malacca
Marketing Student Association [MASA] held grand dinner + Malam Anugerah Kecemerlangan Akademik MASA 2010.

As a marketing student, I have to attend this dinner as one of the activity organised by the committee of MASA. Held at the grand Equatorial Hotel and it was the best dinner yet so far.

Penerapan Batch One a.k.a Choir MASA have been given the opportunities to lead the Wawasan Setia Warga UiTM and also UiTM Di Hatiku..
we sang out loud  as the song needs us to scream our lung out!! [almost loose my breath after the song + I guess I'm kinda nervous until I wrongly sang the song] hahahaha~

Later, we performed our medley of Jac[Gemilang], Ella[standing in the eyes, gemilang]
the funny thing is...I was performing solo for the first song which I also doubt that I could even did it..hahaha!! well, at least I manage to sing it even I don't think I am at any level to beat our so - called 'artist', Jorodan..hehehe~ I'll upload the vid later...

Right after we finished performed, the Dean List Awards presentation being held. As for our part, total of 7to 8 students receive the dean list award for last semester. We received a plug, a mug and a cert. 

After all of the award have been given, the organizer have prepared few other award to be awarded to those who have been chosen.

Surprise, surprise!!
I have been chosen to receive the award of 

'Tokoh Harapan MASA 2010'

never in my life I would have dream for something this big..thanks to those who make it happened..especially mama, papa, along, angah, abang and adik who never stop believing in me and in anything that I have done or choose in my whole life...
I'm pretty sure I've gone through soo much obstacle and have make soo many choices in my life...

I would describe myself as 
"Unsure Risk Taker"
I do take the risk and the challenge that come, but at the same time I doubt whether I could do it or not...and then I'll struggle really hard to prove myself that choices that I make was the right one..huhuhuh~

Anyway thanks again families, brothers, sisters, lecturers, seniors, juniors, friends, enemy?? and everyone that come and go from my life..I'm sure you have left a big impact on me even for a second...I really do appreciate each and everyone of you..even we rarely communicate that doesn't mean I totally forgot about you!!
and to my dear PENERAPAN MARKETING Dec - May 2010, you guys,raaawkkkksss!!!

LOTS of LOVE!!! 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Make It Focus, It's Too Reckless~

I guess I was being reckless and soo out of my world last week..I don't really knows what is getting on my nerve until at one point, I didn't feel like I'm living (wow, this part is scary...)

I drove, I walked, I ate, I slept, I read, I bathed, I talked, I learnt, I listened, I jogged, I laughed...I did almost everything...but everything seems not was like watching a movie in slow motion but you are the only one that realized it..hahaha!!
at first I thought this might be temporary, but it last a week..and I tried very hard to understand why I'm feeling that way..

I'm sure that assignment, project and many other stuff link to my studies give an impact to me but then there are still few issues that bother me..I'm absolutely, 100% confident!!
and I miss to freely talk with my buddy, Asi Unnie, before I sleep bout random topics, gossips, issues..and miss to tease her before we go to bed..
since now, I'm sleeping alone in my room (I guess I've been sleeping alone since I'm in high school...hehehe) I'm surely miss to do this again..

OH!! Many was asking bout my Facebook status the other day, which it sounds like I nearly involved into accident. What was happened to me and plus, many was scolding me for being such a reckless..well, here's the true story..

I was driving home with my 3 other classmate one day after we bought our dinner at pasar malam in Kelebang. On the way back home, I was driving around 60 - 70km/h..and my distance between the car in front was quite far..when suddenly the car stop abruptly and I don't really saw his break light, I step on my brake pedal so hard but the force I pressed felt like didn't quite enough to stop my car up until I need to make a left turn to avoid crashing the car in front. I nearly hit it, miss by an inch...and I came to my nerve heart pumping so fast like it can jump out of my heart...but the fear came bit late...than I was back in the lane when suddenly 3rd car in front of me make an emergency break just to give his way to the car at the opposite direction to make a turn...this time I manage to avoid it fast but I can't really control my anger that time and shouting like crazy inside the car..luckily they didn't here it..phewww~ that was what happened that day..

and if I'm not mistaken, I received a sad news on that day from my dear...he said that one of our friend just lost his boyfriend in an accident...I was quite shocked as we just met her few weeks back and she was totally happy and cheerful that time. I felt sorry for her lost and for those Muslims who read this let us recite Al - Fatihah for the late Wan Mohamad 'Izzat Azrai Wan Mud, Fathin Izzati's boyfriend. Hope that Arwah will be with those with Iman...Aaamin~

guess that's all for my post...I'll write back when I have time..^______^

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