Tuesday, December 23, 2008

what's up korean I..!!

what's up korean!!!
ahahahahhaha....well, I'm posting dis becoz I'm totally a...

[freak][addictive]obssessive][crazee][luuuuurveeee] etc...

about dis whole korean thingy~

especially about their korean music scene...

well, thanks to my deary atin..
yg sgt b'tggjwb dlm mempengaruhi minda bwh sedar diri ini..tutur ktenye mmg ade niat 'jahat' d'sebaliknye...heheheheh~

but, oh well..siape kesah..coz semue yg di recommend mmg sgt besh..!! thanks to her..
klau x dah jd mcm katak dlm gelas...
ahahaha, back to the main topic blk..korean music scene nie as I said, mmg sgt addictive....

what makes dorg nye music scene b'jaye gler smpi terkenal kat US n ngare barat yg lain??
as wut our mantan PM said....

"kite harus mengamalkan dasar pndng ke timur..!!"

*I'm looking at zee east ryte now!!!!!!!

sbnrnye..dorg + ktorg, bkn nye phm sgt pun lyrics2 die nie...

[xcept 4 me yg sggp crk dienye lyrics translation...]

tp dorg still blh pergi worldwide...

I do love Malaysia music scene though, lately nie byk yg dh b'kembang..gud2 keep it up..

n so, as I said b4...byk band, group, solo, duet dr korea nie yg besh2..

mostly succeess based on 3 or 5 years training b4 debut [mmg sgt lame...]

some wrote song themselves, choreograph their own dance move, n perfecting their talent n skill....huuuu~

when we talk about korean, 1 lg yg xblh terlepas is their [powerful][energetic][charismatic][superb] dance move...

org ckp, klau nk terer mnari...this is d'country u should spend ur life too..

ahahahhaha...n there it goes~ so, to complete dis whole opinion of mine

dis are some of my fav soo far...

[Super Junior ~ can u imagine 13 hot guys perform only for u??]

[Dbsk ~ five hottie on sale xcept for dis 1 on d'right..NOT AVAILABLE]

[Big Bang ~ powerful voice n oh! soo coool...^___^]

[SHinee ~ most of them are around my age...*can I have 1??]

[Epik High ~ they sang a beau-t-fool song n heart-warming melody]

n others..well, I'm flexible listener..if its nice to me then its nice!!

mayb n hopefully someday m'sia music scene blh jd mcm nie...

well, we have several on list skrg...


pop shuvit


faizal tahir??


meet uncle hussein

mocha [btul ke ejaan nie]

n blah blah blah...

hmmm, impossible is nothing [owh! curik tagline adidas plk]...

sape tau kan??hmmm, okeylah..smpi cnie je dlu nk tdola..ngantok gler!!


bak kate mun my old friend;

mun: ya, umrie...dah2 la 2 on9...kang jd mate panda kang dok tenung pc 2 lame2...


sok nk g shopping skit..hehehe..

k, till meet again..!

ja~ oyasuminasai...



MaiC0m3yL said...

kak huda...
kak huda minat DBSK,SUJU,BIG BANG N SHINEE??
kiter minat sgt2 kat dorg!!!
kiter addicted lama dah...
xsgka kak huda minat gak..
hwaiting la ngan blog nih!!!
klu ada masa,tgk r blog kiter!!!

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