Saturday, January 3, 2009

~My Wish List for This Special January~ [someone please fullfil one of it..]

Month dat I've been waiting for..!!!
yeah, here it comes again..the month of...


the month that will always be a memorable one...
I completely understand dat dis is just like publicise your own birthday, so dat someone could do something for you...ahahahahaha!!
so, what??
it's not like someone turn 19 everyday right??

and as for dis special month..
I just love 2 list few [yes, few...very few, I promise] few of my wish list for dis coming sunday..

~My Wish List for 20090111~

+Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse novel+
+an Ipod+
+complete set of HP book+
+a hug from my mama, papa n siblings on dat day+
+wishes from my dear friends and everyone+

what else eyh...?? Its always happen like dis, I've planned to have dis and dat..and when someone suddenly ask me what I want...the 1001 list just dissapear...

so, now lets hoping f
or someone who will willingly grant my wish/es..

[hoping !!!!] ngehehehehe~


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