Saturday, December 25, 2010


Assalamualaikum and very good evening!

It's almost 2? 3? 4? months since I left this blog untouched. Hehehehe...very sorry indeed. Never meant to leave all of you guys. Been very busy this past few months, exam, job, running here and there, chasing the unknown(hehehe..AXN most famous quote), fighting, struggling, stressing, jumping, knocking, banging and soo many other things that I"ve done before. 

As for you guys that followed me and aware of my current situation, I'm sure each and everyone of you are aware of what I'm currently up to right?

So, as for the new post I would like to update few of important thing happen in my life right now. Let's go down the list one by one guys!!

The award of the most excited one goes to.....(still can't get the award thingy out of my head, anugerah skrin thingy!) 
hehehehe...Alhamdulillah, as for 16 October 2010 I've managed to start my own label for photography services called CHERMIN PHOTOGRAPHY alongside with my little brother. Thanks soo much to my dear little brother that keep pushing me to start our own brand and open my eyes on talent we have inside. As of today, we are expanding our business and currently have 4 crews in our team. Alhamdulillah, thanks soo much to Abang Faiz, who have faith in me and teach me the wonder of shutter, apperture and ISO. Thanks also to Amierul Zharief who constantly give comment and support me even I'm at the toughest part of my job. Thanks mama, papa, along, angah, abang and adik who were constantly motivated me and showing their never ending love towards us. BIG THANKS for you guys!

The most anticipated one throughout my life of course the moment I bought my own NIKON D90 myself!! Alhamdulillah again, after 2 years involving, exploring the beautiful world of photography, I'm certainly grateful especially to papa who trust me to go there by myself and purchase my new gear. As for this gear, I would certainly use it only for business purposes and SIMBA will remains my lovely cutie-pie that help me a lot! Love you SIMBA! 
Say hello everyone to Big-fat-Notty BOBBY!

(ouh, he's big! imagine lifting up a dumbbells. That what it's like lifting bobby)

suppose the results were out on 10 December 2010, but in the power of the speed of
typing power that I possessed since I'm in secondary school, I manage to check my result on the 9 December instead. Thanks to dear, MR. H for the wake up call that simply blow me out of my bed straight to my computer. Alhamdulillah for millionth of times, I've improve my CGPA and GPA for that particular semester nearly hit my target. But Alhamdulillah, thanks to ALLAH for this never ending gift!
with CGPA 3.*0, I'm officially part 4 marketing student in KBM!!

Guess, that's all for now. More exciting stories on the next post! stay tuned..~


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