Saturday, February 14, 2009

in LOVE or NOT??

21 February 2009:
Today, I had to wake up early..not that EARLY but still, it's early..
we had a MARKETING TEST this morning..
and well, its quite easy memandangkan semalam struggle habis bace notes sampai saket kepale...
last night, I had spent a good amount of quality time with my course partner or would rather call her as my TWINS as I was the one who is nearly-soo-identical to her..
we had a discussion on marketing and as usual it will always turn into a gossip, secrets revealed and many other stories that have nothing to do with marketing..

zuryn a.k.a nuna was and still become a good friend of mine when it comes to study..
including ajushhi a.k.a wan a.k.a bf nuna..
I love how their relationship turns from a friend to a good friend and now a happy couple..
sometimes rase bler tgh wat group discussion, trase mcm menyibuk je..
but then they were both soo nice to me, they never left me out in anything that they do..
kalau boleh nak heret sekali bler dorg pergi date..
I'm happy to see them happy!!

As for me, I'm still with the title :
single unmarried lady with a very definite plan about her future which she herself can't predict
[yes, what a long title I had...]
currently having a good free relationship with someone who she feels comfortable enough to let her tears, laughter, babble, plan, and her sarcarstic joke to...
met him when we were both in the same driving school..
funny how I first thought who he was...
and funny how I hate the way he approach me as a friend...
*I'm not used to a person came up to me and say "Hi!"
and we were both apart for several month after a few harsh argument...
then one day he was the one who contact me back
and from there we became a very very good friends..
crush? a lil'...but not much...
he had the same too..till now..
but I was afraid to say anything..
well, past experience do teach me not to involve in some trouble anymore..
still being haunted with past bitter experience which affect me till now..
but good thing is, he always do understand me the way who I am..
well, sometimes he could be someone that annoyed me too much and sometimes he become a shoulder to cry on..
now, he's learning to understand me better..
and learn to be better..
his efforts sometimes do touch me..
his greatest effort soo far was the one that happened nearly a year now and he still continuing it..
a great man who know what he wants and clearly understands what will happen in the future.


haq said...

hye there..u probably don't know me but i might know ur fren here's the thing,i've been searching for an old friend named nor azureen shamsul bahri if i'm not mistaken..the person that u mention zuryn aka nuna might juz be the person i'm lookin,cn u pls help me verify whether ur friend zuryn is the same person??cuz the picture look familiar..would gladly appreciate ur help..thanks..if anything pls find me on facebook(

~*[huda]*~ said...

hye there haq..
well, coincidentally I guess we were talking about the same person..
well, yes she is nur azureen shamsul bahri that you were looking for, no doubt!
she's got that same name like you mention just,yep!
you finally found her!

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