Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's a NEw Life...Fresh Start~

Life is meaningless if you live alone..
But one thing people forgot was that they are not alone..
Family is the closest, friends are the nearest..
while Allah will always be by our side 24/7..
to lose something is to gain something..
regrets means you're not thankful for what He have for you..

~It's a new life indeed..
back to my original title..
no regrets, we have done the discussion and felt that this is the best for both of us..
nothing cause us to separate, its just that we like it this way..
we're gonna continue as a friend of course..


it's a title, a vow, relation, trust, promises and honesty..
the number we hold is too small for us to take the responsibility of having commitment..
too sacred to be neglect..

guess I should concentrate on the thing I'm good at..
and I admit I'm not that good when it comes to love..
ask me no more...
I'm who I am now..~

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