Monday, July 27, 2009

Sudden Mid-Sem Break

As sudden as it sounds, I'm home after a week..
I wasn't even planning to come back home this weekend
when suddenly my level-mate said that we've just been given a week break..soo sudden!!
and as sudden as the news spread..
UiTM Jengka, Pahang suddenly became a very chaos and havoc campus..
it seems like there will be an earthquake..
everyone were soo hectic running here and there, packing, shouting..
and me myself also was soo intense suddenly..
thank goodness Ain wasn't home yet..
she drove us safely and here I am..
in Shah Alam..

unplanned break..
I don't even know what was I suppose to do this whole week..
pile of assignment need to be done..but the lazy-ness is way too high when I'm home..
I really need to gather the strength back..
feels like I'm loosing my nerve every now and then..

I'll write back when I'm done planning..
Ja ne!!!



Tia daNna said...

ahaha.sudden break.aku juga.xbes cuti tibe2.

atok said...

haha cuti elok tdow jaa.

~*[huda]*~ said...

tyka: btl2..sudden break mmg xbes!!
atok: tdo xproduktif lngsng la..

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