Friday, July 31, 2009

A week full of boredness!!

sure enough this will happen..
having a month++ breaks and been given an ex
tra break do make you hate holiday damn much!
prepared mentally and physically to start a new sem and suddenly had to face this is soo frustrating..!!!
this whole H1N1 thingy turn everything upside down..
all the quizzes, plans, agm..everything need to be postponed

It's soo not me to do something without planning ahead..
to make things look fun and enjoyable, I've been spending most of my time finishing my unfinished assignment, swimming, accompanied
mama to KL, doing some research on my term paper, research again on my upcoming report, downloading videos, downloading new songs, watching korean dramas like a freak, texting with my hun, texting again with my buddies..

seems enjoying and fun..but nah..!!
thinking bout you'll be back this
sunday at 1.30pm, alone..
with a luggage with the weight that is heavier than yours..
and thinking that you have to walk 2-3 kilometer just to get to your own room..
sooo NOT FUN AT ALL!!!!



* UiTM Di Hatiku *


atok said...

slamat belajar kembali.

eizaz said...

ahaha..ske sgt uitm

~*[huda]*~ said...

atok: hahaha..selamat2..!!

eizaz: mestila..uitm di hatiku..hehehe..lame dh x chatting!! how's sudan??

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