Wednesday, March 17, 2010



~UiTM Kampus Bandaraya Melaka from Kolej Tun Mamat~

~KBM Entrance~

Huhuhuhu...tiba2 hari nie terajin sekejap nak update blog setelah hampir berbulan - bulan meninggalkan blog yang satu ini..
Actually bukan sengaja nak tinggal tapi lately life is soo hectic in my part..
and for certain of you yang still don't know my current situation, guess right now is the right time for you guys to know it..

I am NO LONGER in UiTM JENGKA, PAHANG..NO LONGER ye..I've been transfered to UiTM KAMPUS BANDARAYA MELAKA and currently doing my degree in business administration major in marketing. I've been offered a place to continue in degree instead of finishing my diploma for another 3 semester. It's a new system offered by UiTM to those who qualified to further their study in degree. Well, actually ramai yg apply and dapat tawaran untuk buat penerapan, but because of we're the first batch, ramai yg tolak atas alasan tak yakin..
Basically it's just the same with diploma..nothing much different it's just that we don't really feel like living in a campus life (how i miss his...) coz building and class adelah building you'll feel more like going to work rather than going to class. At first feeling scared and rase macam nak balik jengka balik je...but after I experienced myself the style, life of a student in KBM..I felt much much more better now..and it's almost final far everything seems well..and ouh! I'm currently in my 2nd semester here..

Since I'm now living in the heart of Melaka...makanye I'm no longer or I should say stop playing archery for a while. Kolej di kampus bandaraya tak sama seperti di kampus - kampus lain..jadi, there were no place for me to train and exercise like others in Jengka..orang cakap klau kita bersukan, lepas tu kita tak jage badan, makanye badan akan naik mendadak - dadak..and that's what happened to me..still I'm happy with this transformation..hahaha..coz it's hard to gain weight just like,if you guys notice, I look a bit more healthier than before...hehehehehe!!!


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