Friday, March 12, 2010


It's been almost 3 months I stopped archery to continue my studies in Melaka and for almost 3 months now I didn't do much workout and exercise to keep fit..hahahaha!!
*if P.Mon found this out, she'll be totally angry...
and now, I'm totally missed the old days I shared with my Archers Family..and I'm thinking to continue my shooting as soon as possible or else I'll loose the feelings, adrenalin and passion when shooting..

Talking about passion, I have just browsed through several bow makers website and suddenly falling deeply in love with one of the Matthews compound bow called


Gosh!!! It's soo beautiful and totally gorgeous..!!! It comes with my favorite color, pink!! and I totally want it like right now!!
Though I know the price might be a little too expensive but..I want nothing else than this..
Huhuhuhuhuu..papa, will you please buy me this bow... please~

I'm envy towards them..they can spent almost every evening shooting while I spent almost every evening lying on my bed or freezing in the class..huuuuu~
and I'm getting lazy and lazy and lazy to exercise everyday...!!

look for the detail here at Matthews

huuuuuu....I want my PASSION right now!!!


atok said...

aik? ade balek? heh ;P

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