Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Current Facebook Status:

"Menggatal adalah sejenis penyakit yang dihidapi oleh kebanyakan org yg b'mula dr L..Menggatal juga adalah nama tempat yang terdapat di Sabah..haish~ (^____*)V"

well, this might look a little weird..me, typing a status that contains a lot of meaning..hehehe...for those of you wandering what this "Menggatal" word means it basically means flirty and etc...*if I'm not mistaken..

hahahaha..and of course, it's happen to everyone including me! yup,admit it! but that doesn't means "Menggatal" in a way where I flirts with guys...it can also means I do some stupid thing and regret it later...hahaha!!

but the thing is it's always fair for guys to flirts with girls but not us, girls...so, what the choice have we had girls? we can't do it..I guess, cause it will look soo not proper..right? then why let guys have the advantage?

hurrrrmmmm, wondering...~


eizaz said...

haha huda.. cube cte sket cmne laki menggatal tu? cm pmpn ke? :D

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