Sunday, July 25, 2010

Make It Focus, It's Too Reckless~

I guess I was being reckless and soo out of my world last week..I don't really knows what is getting on my nerve until at one point, I didn't feel like I'm living (wow, this part is scary...)

I drove, I walked, I ate, I slept, I read, I bathed, I talked, I learnt, I listened, I jogged, I laughed...I did almost everything...but everything seems not was like watching a movie in slow motion but you are the only one that realized it..hahaha!!
at first I thought this might be temporary, but it last a week..and I tried very hard to understand why I'm feeling that way..

I'm sure that assignment, project and many other stuff link to my studies give an impact to me but then there are still few issues that bother me..I'm absolutely, 100% confident!!
and I miss to freely talk with my buddy, Asi Unnie, before I sleep bout random topics, gossips, issues..and miss to tease her before we go to bed..
since now, I'm sleeping alone in my room (I guess I've been sleeping alone since I'm in high school...hehehe) I'm surely miss to do this again..

OH!! Many was asking bout my Facebook status the other day, which it sounds like I nearly involved into accident. What was happened to me and plus, many was scolding me for being such a reckless..well, here's the true story..

I was driving home with my 3 other classmate one day after we bought our dinner at pasar malam in Kelebang. On the way back home, I was driving around 60 - 70km/h..and my distance between the car in front was quite far..when suddenly the car stop abruptly and I don't really saw his break light, I step on my brake pedal so hard but the force I pressed felt like didn't quite enough to stop my car up until I need to make a left turn to avoid crashing the car in front. I nearly hit it, miss by an inch...and I came to my nerve heart pumping so fast like it can jump out of my heart...but the fear came bit late...than I was back in the lane when suddenly 3rd car in front of me make an emergency break just to give his way to the car at the opposite direction to make a turn...this time I manage to avoid it fast but I can't really control my anger that time and shouting like crazy inside the car..luckily they didn't here it..phewww~ that was what happened that day..

and if I'm not mistaken, I received a sad news on that day from my dear...he said that one of our friend just lost his boyfriend in an accident...I was quite shocked as we just met her few weeks back and she was totally happy and cheerful that time. I felt sorry for her lost and for those Muslims who read this let us recite Al - Fatihah for the late Wan Mohamad 'Izzat Azrai Wan Mud, Fathin Izzati's boyfriend. Hope that Arwah will be with those with Iman...Aaamin~

guess that's all for my post...I'll write back when I have time..^______^


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