Saturday, July 3, 2010

When A Guy Cut His Hair Because Of...

To be honest, I'm not in a stable condition right now..
Flu and fever just struck me after I had a wonderful swimming this evening..
but this one thing happened to me today, I won't let it go just like that..

2 July 2010

Later this afternoon around 1322 pm, I received one mms from my dear..
well, I thought it was just normal ordinary mms I received from him like before and I just merely look at the picture and it was just another haircut he did and close it as I'm in rush and need to send my lil bro to school..

then...later, after I had barely breathe like a normal person back again..I realized and remembered something about the mms and I open it up, the picture he sends to me..

"WHHHOAAAAH!! it's TAEYANG haircut!! could he do that??Why among many2 haircut in this whole wide world did he choose to cut his hair just like TAEYANG?!!?"

for you guys that does not really know about Taeyang, you might probably is Taeyang haircut look like? is it nice? hahahaha...
well, here is Taeyang haircut looks like!


cool eyh? a bit punk + cuteness + machoness + handsomeness..
ouh! how I like it very much..

back to the topic..

we were in Sunway Pyramid..and was waiting to get into the cinema and this conversation pop up..
He wanted to cut his hair + it's new avoid 'saman' from pakgad he asked me which style is good and suited him?
we were looking at a saloon mirror which framed a lot of new haircut and hairstyle..
many hairstyle he wanted to try out needed him to keep his current long hair..
and suddenly as I was browsing through pictures in my handphone, I came across Taeyang picture and show him..without saying anything..

and suddenly here comes mr. taeyang - haircut - look - a - like!!
I did ask him..why he did that?
and the answer is simple..

"what you told me, I will try to make it long as you happy, I'll be happy too! whether it nice or not it's a second thing.."

ouhhh...isn't that sweet enough? thank you for millionth times dear!!
you totally make my life...and seriously..I'm happy and enjoy being with you, dear..!!
this is what you feel..
When A Guy Cut His Hair Because Of You..!!

that's it guys! do comment ya!
anyway...this is what his hair is look like now..

My new Mr. Taeyang - Haircut - Look - A - Like!!

*hehehe...a lil bit Taeyang haircut I must say...not totally! hehehe~


Atikah Adnan said...

haha. suka lah tu :D

muhamad azmeer said...

xjd mr.taeyang la klu msih simpan dier nyer janggut....

~*[huda]*~ said...

tika: hahaha!! of coz..I wouldn't expect him to do that tau..saje je nak tease..xtau la die take serious! hehehe~

abg jeme: hahaha..dah suh die nipiskan dah janggut dia! taeyang current album ade jgk janggut2 nipis tu..hehehe~ tp die xnak..hehe~

muhamad azmeer said...

xkan nyer dier nipiskn janggut dier tue...
ijat tanpa janggut umpama ......... letak la apa2 pon...

~*[huda]*~ said...

abg jeme: hahahaha!! eyh, penah sekali die shave habes bg licin tau! haaa...jgn t'kejut nnt die shave btul2!

Nur 'Arifah said...

walamak... sukenye hati kecik! haha
ok la tu, tandanya syg. so jgn majuk2 lg k? peace~

Afif Kamal said...

best lah dia ada MR. Taeyang dia sendiri...nie yg kena cari my own MS. SNSD nie....LOL!

~*[huda]*~ said...

kak ifa: hehehehe!! sayang la tue!! hahaha..baik2..peace2~

oppa: hahaha!! cepat2, junior baru msk mst blh jd oppa pny ms SNSD!! hahaha~

-x la0p x- said... ko tu aku tak jumpe lagi kat jengka..hey kene cut the hair gak ke? haruslah laop nak kene potong rambut friend kat atas tu..korang memang kannn..mane nak follow aku..haha..miss u all gila'2.....

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