Sunday, June 27, 2010

Unexpected Birthday Present

Well this post might sound a bit outdated as my birthday was in January and it's June going to July which means I'm already 6/7 month older than my birthday..
The reason I'm posting this is because, while I was browsing through my friends updates on Facebook, I came across this one profile that catch my attention as it pictures display a very colourful and cute looking CHOCOLATE!!!

I was and still mad about chocolate up till now and to make thing sounds very exciting the profile of that person lead me to the blogshop where I get my birthday present from my honey!!

Well, basically I got 2 present from my dear:
1st: My Lovely Teddy "Bobo"

2nd: A box of CHOCOLATE!!

this is what it's look like before it reach me:

[looks very delicious and tempting!!!]

and this, you might not want to see it, this is what it looks like when it reach me:

[ouh!! I hate pos laju treat my present this way!! T____T]

well guys, don't judge a book by it's cover...
and don't judge a chocolate by it's look!!

The taste never fails me..
It is very delicious with the filling inside..
even I got better after I ate this chocolate when I was having a high fever..

If you are wondering what kind of present you want to give your loved ones or you are wandering on what door gift would be best to give to your pal..
well, you should check up on the blog and you'll find something that best suits your occasion!!

and thanks to my honey for the present and his sweet thought of buying me a handmade chocolate!!

till next time, bye2 guys!!

p/s: do comment ya!! ^___^ 


Fasya said...

aww so cute :)
and so sweet :)
happy belated birthday. sorry that i didnt wish. i was busy during january :(

~*[huda]*~ said...

hahaha!! thanks darl!!
xpe2..xkesah pny lambat pun..still dlm tahun nie it's alryte dear!

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