Thursday, August 26, 2010

It Takes 5 Minutes to Ruin Your Day!!

Okay, well..
I guessed I won't post about this, since it totally ruins my Monday..
but then, I guess this is something to share with you guys..

Last Monday, I had a public speaking presentation 1, in which we've been assessed by our lecturer..I would say it as 'unlucky' as I am the 13th person to present on that day..
the nervousness really hit me this time..
I don't really know why my heart pumping soo is soo not normal for me..

I guess I was soo determined to finish my presentation and I was soo rushed just to meet the exact time given and manage to finish it in 5 Minutes with an additional of:

- Unnecessary stage fright
- Too much pausing
- Trembling and shivering
- Did not even look at my slide!!
and the list went down the history....~

Even some of my friend wonder what is going on with me..hahahah!!
I guess I'm just loosing my nerve..and it totally ruins my day~



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