Monday, August 30, 2010

Merdeka? Puasa? Raya?

A mixed emotion totally!!
It's merdeka celebration tonight + in the middle of Ramadhan + raya is getting anywhere around the corner..

Totally mixed emotion right now!
I wanna go home, celebrate this last piece of Ramadhan with my family..
but I still have too many unfinished business need to be settle here..

miera and ila out with ayu and the others, celebrating merdeka sumwhere in Malacca..
while me and cyn silently sitting in our rooms waiting for the fireworks to appear from our bedroom window..while doing our assignments and me? listening to hari raya song..huhuhhu,it's a must! 
I am totally caught up in raya mood now!!

hey! it's still a kind of way to celebrate merdeka right?
I didn't forget it still..

soo Happy Merdeka Celebration Malaysia..!!
53rd and still going strong!!

Let's us forget any harm done to our country..
it is just another propaganda to ruin our peace and unity..
It's time for us to be one!!
and celebrate joy!!



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