Saturday, August 21, 2010

This is my DREAM!!

Okay, it happened few weeks ago..
I had attended this festival called 'KAGUM' or Karnival Gerak Usahawan Muda..
and there was a mascot, blue mascot of MAMEE MONSTERS..wore by my seniors..
 and all of sudden I get excited..hahaha!!

*okay, this is my senpai pict wearing those mascot thingy..he looks cute but when he wore the head la..hahaha!! credits to mr Faizal Samat!

I told my friends that someday I want to wear costumes for mascot like that and they were laughing like mad at me..
said that it won't happen as my size is small..hahaha!!
*I guess that make sense..~

It's all because of I wish someday I could be a mascot!! hehehehe~ 
sounds ridiculous, but that is what I dream to try someday..hehehehe!!
I still remember one of my fav korean drama "My Love patzzi" where the actress wear the mascots and work at a theme park..she look soo cute!!

I wonder if there any theme park in Malaysia need someone for their mascots??
but then there any mascot for theme park in Malaysia?? hahahahaha!!
well it just my dream...but if i ever get the chance to try it..I guess I won't hesitate..


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