Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Intersesi + SUKMA = Melaka

Almost 3 weeks now i've been here in Melaka doing my short course.
Today we've been given a day off as Mr. Koe got some meeting he needs to attend.
and I was waking up early in the morning to go to pasar and buy some barang basah or else later we will starve to death...

Doing intersession was not something I thought about until I reached Melaka...well, it's almost like a compulsory semester for every degree in marketing students here in order to finish our subject on time..of coz it feels bored as we only took 1 subject for this short course + people are lazyly enjoy their holiday at home..

but that doesn't matter much to me..apart of doing my intersession I'm actually waiting for the SUKMA to come...hihihiihih..
almost 2 month now I'm not seeing him...so, it's the time for me to meet him and support him!!

9 or 10 June the team will come here and I'm gladly welcome their arrivals..

so, as the citizen of Melaka..
I am welcoming every contingent of SUKMA from across the country to
Melaka Bandaraya Bersejarah



-x la0p x- said...

i miss u kak huda..hehehe bila balik shah alam?

aku miemy said...

oooo hohoho..
ade udang tu kat celah2 mee tu..cube selak.haha

~*[huda]*~ said...

laop: i miss u too laop!! jom jumpe2 weekend nie nak??

miemy: hahaha!! xde udang xbest la mee tu..huhuhuhu~

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