Sunday, June 6, 2010

The True Meaning of Happiness

I was online and messaging with him one day...
suddenly it occurred to me to ask him, whether he is happy or not being with me?
the question sound strange enough when both of us doesn't have any major big problem yet so far. Its just suddenly came through my mind...and later he reply,
"Yep! Happy, I'm totally happy with you..."

Thats answer it all...
but feelings of dissatisfaction is always a part of human nature, and eagerness and curiousness always kills the cat.
Later, I found myself typing...
"...whats make you totally happy with me?"
and later he reply..
"Dunno really, I'm just happy being with you..."
Indescribable is always something that left others wandering even more.

and I stop for a moment.....thinking....thinking very deeply....

Another question pop-ups into my head.
"How can he be soo happy with me without even know why he becomes happy being with me?"

I know, it is very subjective to define happiness. People got their own perception on what is happiness and the true meaning of happiness.
and I learn a lot of meaning of happiness when I'm with him.

Happiness No. 1: Being apart from him and missing him is something that bring happiness to
Happiness No. 2: Knowing he is there thinking about you when he was busy with his work.
Happiness No. 3: Seeing his bright smile when we met.
Happiness No. 4: His childishness when he was at fault.
Happiness No. 5: When we were on the phone talking bout many stuff and giggling over

Too much happiness if I want to list it all here..
He teach me a lot on how to appreciate and be thankful..
It's hard to imagine myself in his shoes..
But the most important lesson I learn from him is that...

"Be happy even you are sad, because there were many other people outside there are sadder than you...the world is not made for you to cry but it's made for you to laugh and enjoy the life...and love is the most precious thing to be cherished about...I'm not here to make you cry, I'm here to make you smile..."

~Thanks for the lesson and I will always continue learn to love~


-x la0p x- said...

oh..terharunyer laop baca huda...hmm smoga berbahagia..i dunno bila la the only one for me akan muncul kan?? ^_^

~*[huda]*~ said...

thanks laop..
when the time comes you'll find someone, dear..
just enjoy life and you'll bump into her!!
when the times come, I'll definitely going to be among those who are happy for you!!

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