Saturday, June 19, 2010

Papa...My Greatest Hero!

In my entire life there were two thing I treasured the most
1st: Papa and Mama
2nd: Along, Angah, Abang and Adik
They were like my heart, soul and air to me..every beat counts is priceless

Papa is not like any ordinary dad I might say..
He got his own method on handling us five..
never really show his true emotions and feelings..
and its hard to predict him except for mama, who knows him better..

I had recall few memories back then..
when we were young [along, angah and me]
well I would say we were pretty naughty doing this and that..
there was one time, we ought to go for shopping but the three of us were fighting at the backseat, whom gonna sit next to the window.
papa was soo mad that he canceled the shopping agenda and locked us all outside.
another method that he used when I was crying like mad were
locked me up in a bathroom until I stop crying..
but if there is no sign I will stop, he will took a pail full of water and "wash" me until I stop..

Funny when I thought about it now..
how I adore him and look up to him soo much in my life..
papa never ever forget his responsibility in raising us five..
from our solat, agama, school, study, time management, food, where we go, with whom we go everything being monitored carefully by him..
he has become my idol and influence me in many ways of viewing this world..

how lucky mama to have papa..
a know-it-all person..
sometimes I felt that, when I grow up I want to have a man that resembles papa in his actions..
but it is not easy to find one..
thus I thought, rather than find someone who resembles him, why don't I be like him?
because I am his daughter and I knew him since I was small..

To papa and mama:
I have learn a lot about LOVE in this world.
It starts on 11 January 1990.
I found that, eventhough there were other people who loves me..still, your love were the greatest.
Having to stay this far from both of you, make me realize how important you were to me.
To realize something this big making me feel loved every second..
though I always hurt your feelings, deep down inside I want you to know how important both of you to me..
I'm still learning to live, scold me if that was the best way to teach me..
beat me if that was the best reminder for me..
I will take it if that makes me a better person in the future..
Thankful for your love
Thankful being born as one of the Roslan's and Norizan's..

Papa, you are my greatest HERO!!!
Happy Father Day!!



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