Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shaun Evaristo and The Movement Lifestyle

I'm pretty much sure some of you never come across this name I mention above. But for those who craze for slick hip hop choreography, this name was among the top choreographer people look up for. Yup! he is a dancer but I would say he is more a choreographer himself..

How did I discover him? hahaha..
well, since I'm a big fan of BB [Big Bang]..which I follow every currents updates about them especially Taeyang..I felt very curious on who actually choreo all the dance move especially when Taeyang Second Solo debut song was out not long ago.
Wedding Dress choreo and dance move was soo slick and sharp and the move is following every beats and bring the meaning of the song itself. I was soo impressed and later found myself checkin up on this guy who choreograph all the dance move.

Surprise,surprise!! Shaun has work with BB for many mv's and he was like a permanent choreographer for the YG Family. (*a bit left out here~)

What I like about him is that he actually utilize all the possible part of the body and make full use of every movement that our body can do..(*ahhh~ this part seems really complicated)
I like his move, his energy and his choreography that is always something you wouldn't expect a person can perform. As far as I'm concern, he's been dancing since his little age and grew up dancing in his garage. Look back at his past, he certainly have a very strong background in dancing as he has taken up tap, jazz and even lyrical classes when he was in high school. This strengthen the reason why he can actually mix match all the steps he choreograph.

Every successful story, there were always something that motivates them behind. As for Shaun, family and friends always become his great motivator. Wow, how I like it when someone as great as him still have a strong bonding with his family.

Currently Shaun and other choreographers are working hard to promote and bring their dance to a higher level. Movement Lifestyle sure to awe you by different moves and choreographers working under one roof. All the best for all of you and hope to see much2 more moves from all of you guys!

As for me, for some unknown reason, my love towards dancing life grew day by day. Thanks to all of them for showing moves and steps. and I plan to take a dance class alongside my hubby later when I get married. Wouldn't dance is all about enjoying and expressing love?? so, it's the best method to show and share love with the one you love!! hehehehe~

To roll up all, I would like to share some inspirational quotes from Shaun himself:
"It's been a journey of finding more of who I am, what I like creating and what I want to share with other people. As of now, I can only continue to do the same thing and appreciate what I have...I truly am blessed"

- Shaun Evaristo

For those who craze for more feel free to visit here:

credits goes to:

- Shaun Evaristo, Lyle Beniga + Aimee Lee Lucas: for awesome moves in wedding dress + where you at [Taeyang]
- YG Family: BB, 2NE1= you're just awesome!!
- My long 'lost' friend: thanks million much for introducing me "Namanbarabwa [Taeyang]" to's where I generate this love. peace! <3


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